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Salesforce1 - Adding the Send Email action to Cases

Knowledge Article Number 000194281
Description Adding the Sent email action can vary depending on your org. 

The process of setting up the Send Email action varies depending on when your organization was created and on the features you have enabled:

  • Organizations that are created after Summer 14', or Email-to-Case been enabled after Summer 14', once Email-to-Case is enabled, a Send Email action is automatically created and added to the list of available actions in the page layout editor.  
    • To make the action available to users, just add the Send Email action to the "Actions in the Salesforce1 Action Bar" section of the Case page layout.
NOTE: On Orgs where Case Feed Actions and Feed Items enabled—you can add the Send Email action to the publisher and it will appear only in Salesforce1, not in the full Salesforce site. This helps prevent duplication 

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