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Add Approve/Reject Link to Email template for approval.

Knowledge Article Number 000194297
Description Users may want to customize the email that goes out to an approver.
Where can we find the link to approve or reject the record so that it can be added it to the template? 

You can use the Merge field {!ApprovalRequest.External_URL}  or {!ApprovalRequest.Internal_URL} by performing the below steps in the email template: 

  1. In the Available Merge Fields select Field Type as Approval Fields 
  2. Select Field as Internal Approval URL or External Approval URL 
  3. Copy and paste the merge field value into your template below.


  • Approval process merge fields can be used in email templates, but not mail merge templates.
  • Because email notifications to a queue aren’t intended for an external audience, any instances of the merge field{!ApprovalRequest.External_URL} in the email template are sent as the equivalent internal URL.
  • Merge fields/links populate the Record Id when the template is used for "Approval Assignment Email Template" but  if the same fields are included in a template used for an "Email Alert " the record ID at the end of the URL will not populate
  • Example - Approval email alert template -
  • Example - Email alert template -
As seen in the above 2 example the record ID at the end will be visible only for approval email template

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