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Why are Invalid Formatted .csv Causing Files Errors Upon Importing?

Knowledge Article Number 000194298
Description I have exported data from another CRM  "Sugar CRM" and I am attempting to import this information into my Salesforce Org.  However I am receiving some errors.  What is causing this information to not go through? 
When exporting data from other CRM tools such as Sugar CRM some data may not convert over to a standard .csv file format or if does the (,) or (;) may display in the actual Excel document.
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In order to resolve this follow the steps below:
1.) Open the corrupted file in Note Pad.  If there are (;) or extra (,) follow Step 2 if not Skip to Step 6
2.) Then highlighted all data in the Note pad view, clicked on "Edit" then choose the "Replace" option.
3.) For "Find What" entered: ;  and For "Replace with" entered: ,
4.) Then click on "Replace All"
5.) Close the Replace window.
6.) Then click on "File" then "Save As" change to all Files and rename if needed and save.
7.) Go to file and open in Excel and follow the Text Import Wizard's instructions if prompted.  (1. Delimited  2. Tab 3. General & Finish) 
Your information should display as a normal in Excel:
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8.) Save the Excel as a "CSV (Comma delimited)"

As long as the columns exist as fields in your org and the information is mapped properly you should be successful at importing this information into your Salesforce Org.

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