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Why do edits on HTML email template not reflect on Plain text version

Knowledge Article Number 000194309
Description When I try to send an HTML email template from a record, the changes that I have made to the body of the email before sending are not reflected. 
Resolution The recipients mail client is displaying the "text" version of the email.

This is a standard behavior. You can ensure changes to the HTML templates are reflected in the text version of templates as noted :"If you leave the text-only version blank, automatically creates text-only content for you based on the current HTML code. If you do not leave the text-only version blank, edits to the HTML version will not be reflected in the text-only version."

To delete Plain text version content:
1. Click Your name | Setup  | Communication Templates
2. Select Email Templates
3. Select the name of the HTML email template to be edited
4. Click on the "Edit Text Version"
5. Remove the content under Text Body
6. Save


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