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Unable to upload header logo for Community Login page: Error: “The upload failed. Please try again later.”

Knowledge Article Number 000198640
Description When trying to upload a header logo for a Community you get the error: Error: “The upload failed. Please try again later.”

Steps to replicate:
  1. Login to your Org
  2. From the top Left hand corner, click on the drop down icon next to your Organization’s name
  3. Select the Community where you want to change the header logo
  4. Click on the settings icon next to the name of the community (found at the same place, Top Left hand corner)
  5. Click ‘Overview’ under ‘Administration’
  6. Click ‘Login & Registration’
  7. Click ‘Choose File’ next to the ‘Header Logo’
This will give you the Error: “The upload failed. Please try again later.
In the Documents Tab, there is a folder named "Communities Shared Document Folder.” We use this folder to store the custom logo for Communities and it should have access to all users ("This folder is accessible by all users"). If a System Admin grants this access, you should be able to upload the logo successfully. 

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