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How do I remove the Call History section in Salesforce1 on Android?

Knowledge Article Number 000198647
Salesforce1 for Android version 5.3 added a new section called "Call History" which is accessible within the left-hand navigation screen. It will show your recent calls made on the device and assist with logging those calls or creating contacts.
You can disable this feature for all Android devices using Salesforce1 in your organization by adding a custom attribute to the Connected App section.
  1. From Setup, click Manage Apps | Connected Apps.
  2. Click Salesforce1/Chatter for Android in the list to open the detail page for the connected app.
  3. In the Custom Attributes section, click New.
  4. The attribute key to enable or disable call history is CALL_HISTORY, and the attribute value is ​"DISABLED" ( simply type "DISABLED" in the box with quotation marks)
  5. Starting with Salesforce1 for Android 9.0, the user can instead pull down the navigation menu, but may take a few tries. ​​
NOTE: Users on supported Salesforce1 Android versions 5.3 - 8.0.1: if users are currently logged into the Salesforce1 application you will need to log out and back in before this change will take effect.

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