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Mass Delete Posted Chatter Feeds

Knowledge Article Number 000198685
Description We would like to delete multiple Chatter Post.  However we are curious if it is possible to do this for Chatter post that have file attachments associated to them?
Export a file using Data Loader
1. Log into the Data Loader using the appropriate org credentials
2. Export data from the Feed Item object (if using Data Loader, check the checkbox to "Show All Objects" to get access to the Feed Item object)
3.  Check box next to "Id"
4.  Select "Type" under the Fields dropdown list
5. Select "equals" under Operation dropdown list
6. Click in the Value field and select "ContentPost" if you see a list, if not, just type it in and click the "Add Condition" button
7. Click Finish to export the file
Delete with Data Loader:
1. Assuming you are logged in to data loader, click "Delete" button
2. Check box to "Show All Objects"
3. Select "Feed Item"
4. Click "Browse" button and select your recently exported file and click "Next"
5. You will be prompted on how many records will be deleted, click "OK"
6. Click "Create or Edit a Map" and then click "Auto-Match Fields to Columns" button
7. Click "Ok" and then click "Next"
8. Click "Browse" button and select where you wish your success and error files to download to and click "Finish"
9. When prompted, select "Yes" if you wish to delete.
 Workbench, Export a file:
1. Go to and log into the Workbench using the appropriate org credentials
2. Select "Queries" from the bar across the top of the page and then select "SOQL Queries" from the dropdown list
3. Under Object select "FeedItem"
4. For View as you can select "List" first to view your results before exporting or you can select "Bulk CSV" if you want to move to receiving an exported file
5. Under Fields: Select "Id" | Under Filter Results by select "Type", "=", and "ContentPost"
6. Click “Query” button and then click the image of arrow next to the “Id” field to download the csv file
Delete with Workbench:
1. Select "Data" from the bar across the top of the page and chose "Delete" from the dropdown list
2. Select Radio button next to "From File", select the button "Choose File", and then select the exported file you just created
3. Choose "Next" and click the "Map Fields" button to automatically map the field if not already mapped
4. Select "Confirm Delete" to delete the post.


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