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Why are there multiple Forecast rows for a single Opportunity in a Forecast Item Report Type?

Knowledge Article Number 000198694
Description When I use the Forecast Item Report Type  and group by Opportunity Name, for some Opportunities there are multiple related Forecast rows. 
This is expected behavior as the report which we are referring is the Forecast Item-Opportunity report. 
This Report type pulls all Forecasting items related to the Opportunity record, thus when a Opportunity is created, we create a Forecasting item for the Opportunity Amount (Revenue) forecasting type and Product Family forecasting type. This means an Opportunity record with no related Products is linked to both Product Family and Opportunity Amount forecasting types and therefore we see 2 items for 1 Opportunity with different Forecasting Type ID.
However, for Opportunities with Opportunity Product line items, we create a Forecasting item for just the Opportunity Amount type and then we create forecasting item for each of the Products on that Opportunity. In other words, Opportunities with Products are only associated with Opportunity Amount forecasting type while Products on that Opportunity are related to Product Family forecasting type and they both show up in different Report Types.

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