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Getting Started With Coaching

Coaching Overview
The most effective leaders are amazing coaches. makes it easy to create a private one-on-one shared workspace with anyone at your company to share progress, updates, and ideas.
There are four elements of an effective coaching space in

1. Coaching Metrics
Great coaches often use metrics to guide the discussion with their team. You can now coach on these key goals and metrics in the 1:1 coaching page, making it easier to surface areas of improvement and have a better dialogue. The metrics from the person being coached will appear on the coaching page.


2. Coaching Tasks and Events
Coaching has tasks and events associated with each coaching space. You can create and manage tasks and events right from the Coaching page.

3. Coaching Feed
The feed on the Coaching page is a private Chatter feed and supports all feed types like post, file, thanks, poll, and link. By default, the feed is only visible to the two people in the coaching space: the coach and the person being coached. The feed on a coaching page can be used to manage 1:1 agendas, meeting notes, ideas, etc.


4. Notes & Attachments
You can track notes and documents related to a specific coaching space. You can share your notes or write private notes that only you can see. Both the coach and the person being coached can have access to their own private notes. 

Coaching spaces support the enhanced note-taking tool, but the feature must be enabled for your organization and added to the Coaching page layout. Leave the existing Notes & Attachments related list to the Coaching page layout to access your old notes. For more information, see the Winter '16 release notes. The new Notes don't currently support private notes related to a coaching space, but you can make a note private if it's not related to any records.

Key Features

1. Create and View Coaching Spaces
Clicking on the Coaching tab displays the Coaching home page where you can see all your coaching spaces. You can also see your individual coaching spaces from the Coaching subtab on your Chatter profile, if available.

The home page for the Coaching tab

Click New on the Coaching page to create a new coaching space.

No default list views are defined. You should create your own filters (such as My Coaches, People I Coach) that are suitable for your organization. For more information about creating list views, see the Coaching - Create Custom List Views Knowledge article in the Salesforce Help.

2. Display and Edit Coaching Details 
Click on any coaching space to access the detail page for that record. 


Detail view of a coaching record

From this page you can:

  • Click Show Feed to see the feed related to a coaching space. Your administrator must enable Chatter feed tracking to display the feed.

  • Access the goals, metrics, activities, notes, and attachments related to a particular coaching space. This page shows the metrics owned by the person being coached. However, metrics related to committed goals will no longer be displayed out of the box.

  • Set coaching spaces to inactive when they’re no longer useful. This retains the record history, and the coaching space can also be reactivated anytime.

3. Coaching Feed 
Each coaching record has an associated Chatter feed. You can access the private Coaching feed on the coaching detail page. Users automatically follow their coaching spaces and see updates in other places (such as on mobile or the Chatter tab). Users can unfollow coaching spaces, if necessary.

Administrators can also customize the coaching feed with custom actions. For example, custom coaching actions can help focus the conversation by asking the coach to record progress on the sales pipeline, obstacles, and next steps.

User-added image

4. Coaching Activities 
Coaching activities allow you to track tasks and events for coaching, just like you can with other standard objects like Accounts and Opportunities. 

Tasks are great for tracking more granular work associated with the coaching space. You can assign tasks to your coach or the person you are coaching to help you progress and optionally send them a notification email. You can set reminders for yourself so that you keep on top of your tasks. You can also update the status of the task to reflect the status and add attachments related to the task. 

Events are great for tracking meetings associated with this coaching space. Similar to tasks, you can assign an event to other users, set a reminder, or add attachments. You can even create recurring events for future meetings. 

Create new tasks or events by clicking New Task or New Event on the Open Activities related list. You can view completed tasks and events from the Activity History related list. For more information about creating tasks and events, see Considerations in Using Tasks and Considerations in Using Events

Note:Tasks and events need to be enabled for each user via profiles or permission sets before they can use tasks and events in Coaching. For more information on activities, see Activities in the Salesforce Help. 

5. Coaching Metrics 

Metrics track data as part of the coaching conversation. For metrics to show up in the coaching record, create goals and metrics associated with those goals, and the metrics tied to the coachee's goals will be displayed in the coaching space. 

For each metric, you can specify the name, type, target, and due date. You can also link the metric to a Salesforce report so that the metrics are updated based on data that’s already in Salesforce, such as Closed Opportunities or Cases. 

Metrics related lists

6. Sharing Coaching Spaces 
You can also share coaching spaces to include additional observers and participants, allowing for others to join coaching spaces. Each participant has access to common coaching notes and their own private notes. The Sharing Detail page shows who the coaching space is shared with. Only owners and users with the proper permissions can share coaching spaces. 

7. Coach From Anywhere 
Coaching is available from the Salesforce1 navigation menu. Users can add and edit new coaching spaces in the mobile browser app. The Coaching object is automatically included in the Recent section of the Salesforce1 navigation menu, but users may need to tap Show More to see the item.

Coach wherever you go with the Coaching Publisher Action. It makes it easy to initiate coaching conversations from anywhere in Salesforce, with the coaching conversation all tracked in one place. With the Coaching Publisher Action, in addition to keeping track of ongoing coaching conversations in your personal coaching area, you can also: 

  • Initiate a coaching conversation from anywhere in Salesforce, including Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, and Cases.

  • Initiate coaching conversations from Salesforce1! 

It's great for ongoing coaching and it's also a really easy way to post the agenda prior to your in person 1:1. Install the package here


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