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How to give someone temporary access to my Salesforce organization

Knowledge Article Number 000198724
Description How to give a new user temporary access to my Salesforce organization?
Resolution When you create a new user , you do not have the option to give the user temporary access. However, you can create a Time-Dependent Workflow Rule in order to grant temporary access to a user. 

Before creating the workflow rule, make sure that the user has been created in your organization and has all the login credentials to access your organization's salesforce instance

Creating a Workflow Rule :

From Setup |  Create | Workflow & Approvals | Workflow Rules
  • Click New Rule
  • Select the Object - USER
  • Click Next
  • Rule Name - Temporary Access to the user
  • Under the Evaluation Criteria section,  Select "Created, and any time it's edited to subsequently meet criteria"
  • Rule Criteria
  • Keep the default value "Criteria are met"
  • The criteria will be Username equals to "Username from the temporary user created earlier"
Note: We chose username as a criteria since usernames are always unique
  • Specify Workflow Actions
  • Click ADD TIME TRIGGER under Time-Dependent Workflow Actions
  • You can set this by Days or Hours (For example: 30 Days After Created Date )
  • SAVE
You will now need to Add a Workflow Action:
  • Select New Field Update
  • Name: Temporary Access to the user 
  • Field to Update: Active 
Under Specify New Field Value 
  • Checkbox Option : False

This user will be placed inactive after the specified date criteria.

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