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Side Panel displays error "email wasn't added because... DataTruncated" when adding emails

Knowledge Article Number 000198753
Description When trying to add emails to records in Salesforce, the Side Panel sometimes displays a red error message with a wording like "email wasn't added because... DataTruncated" with some additional text from the email.
Resolution The most likely cause of the error is a workflow rule that is trying to update a text field with more data than it can hold. Keep in mind that the Side Panel will create a Task record for every email added, which is standard functionality. 

To solve this error, look for workflow rules that update Task fields. Here is one example of a field update you may find:

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This field update attempts to overwrite the custom Task field Summary - Text(255) with the contents of the standard Task  field Description - Long Text Area(32000). 

The solution is to use the function LEFT(). In the example above, the Formula Value needs to be changed from "Description" to "LEFT(Description, 255)", in order to take the first 255 characters in the Description field and update the Summary field.

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