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Default Publisher Action lands on different Actions when opening different records

Knowledge Article Number 000199015
Description Opening different Case records, one may notice that the default Publisher Action that the page lands on is not consistent. 

The record will land on the standard/overridden Publisher Action that was last used. 

For example, if you look in the feed of the record and see that the last activity was "call logged", then the "Log A Call" action will be what the record defaults to. If the last activity was a case note, then the record will land on the Write Case Note publisher action. 

However, if you have a custom Publisher Action (that is not overriding a standard action), and this was the last action used, then the record will default to the "Write Case Note" Publisher Action. 

There is currently no way to specify what the default landing Publisher Action should be at this time, although this is being considered for a future release. 

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