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Feedback Overview 

You don’t have to wait until your next performance review to know how you’re doing or to share feedback with other colleagues. Feedback makes it easy to request and offer feedback on a person or a topic in an ad-hoc, real-time manner from anyone in the company, anytime. Feedback makes it easy to: 


Request feedback about yourself, someone else in your company, your team members, or any topic of interest. 

Example: After a key meeting:

a. Ask one or more colleagues to provide you with confidential feedback on your performance in the meeting: what you presented, how you presented, or how you engaged the audience. 

b. Your colleagues will receive a notification of your feedback request, and can follow a link in that notification to respond to the request. 

c. You will then be notified of the response, and have the ability to review the feedback to improve. 

Help your colleagues improve by offering feedback in the moment. You can offer feedback to a specific user, the user’s manager, or to both the user and manager. 

Feedback is available from two locations in Salesforce. If your administrator has configured your access to Feedback, you should find a Feedback tab available in the application tab set. You may also find a Feedback subtab on user profiles when you view your own profile or the profile of a colleague. 

For a full overview of Feedback, visit: Feedback User Documentation

Key Features 



Feedback offers, feedback requests, and feedback related to performance summaries are all managed from the Feedback tab. The Feedback tab displays the recent feedback you’ve viewed by default, and you can filter to see different types of feedback records. For example, select New Feedback Requests to see feedback records that require their input. You can also create custom list views with different filter options.

The default feedback filters include:
  • All Feedback—All feedback, including one-time feedback and performance summary feedback
  • Declined Feedback Requests—All the feedback you’ve requested that others have declined
  • Feedback About Me—All the completed feedback about you
  • Feedback About My Team—All the completed feedback about your team
  • Feedback About Others—Completed feedback about others
  • Feedback About Topics—Completed feedback about topics
  • New Feedback Replies—New replies to the feedback you’ve requested
  • New Feedback Requests—New feedback requests for one-time feedback and performance summaries

Feedback tab with filters displayed


To request feedback, click Request Feedback on the Feedback tab. By default, the feedback request is about you, but you can change the feedback subject from the Feedback About field. If you chose to request feedback about a person, then enter the name of the person you want to request feedback about. You can type the name of the person to find that person and select. 

For feedback about a topic, you have the option to request a 5-star rating as well. 

Type in your question in the question box. For example: 
  •  How did our monthly sales call go? 
  •  What is one thing I can improve about my presentation skills? 
  •  What can we do to make our meetings more efficient? 
  •  Should we nominate Sara for our All-star program?

Feedback Request page

You can request feedback from more than one person at a time. After you send the initial feedback request, click Invite Others on the feedback request's detail page.


To offer feedback to someone, click Offer Feedback on the Feedback tab. You can chose to share your feedback with the person (the subject of feedback) directly, the person’s manager, or both. 

Feedback Offer page


The Feedback detail displays the following information
  • The subject of the feedback - Who the feedback was offered to or who the feedback request was about 
  • The person who initiated the feedback - Who offered the feedback or requested the feedback 
  • The feedback question 
  • The people invited to respond
  • The feedback response or responses (in case of more than one response) 

In addition to viewing responses, you may be able to: 
  • Invite more people to answer the feedback request by clicking on Invite Others
  • Remind existing invitees if they have not responded yet by either clicking Remind.
  • Share feedback with someone else in your company (only for feedback about yourself) by clicking Sharing
  • There are several other features available if the feedback is tied to performance summaries. See Getting Started with Performance Summaries for more information.

By default, all feedback will be visible only to the requester and respondent unless explicitly shared. In the case of offered feedback, it will be visible based on who the feedback is being offered to - the subject, subject’s manager, or both.

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NOTE: Respondents can only view their own response, but not the responses from others for the same question. 

Offer Feedback 

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