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Unable to preview quotes PDF in Firefox browser

Knowledge Article Number 000199052
Description When you attempt to view quotes PDF in Firefox, a new window opens within Firefox to download the file and the PDF preview attempts to start. However, the PDF preview icon just spins and will not load the preview window. This behavior is observed especially in Firefox. 

This happens because Firefox has a default action for each and every preview file. This default action determines how a file should be opened.

While trying to preview a PDF file, the default action for any Portable Document Format (PDF) in Firefox setting should be “Preview in Firefox”

Alternatively, if the same file should be saved to the computer the default action in Firefox setting should be “Save File”.
NOTE: Users can also save the PDF from the preview.
Resolution To avoid this anomaly, make sure that the default action for PDF is set.
To set the default action for Portable Document Format (PDF) to preview please follow the steps below in Firefox;
  • Go to Tools | Options | Applications
  • Find Portable Document Format (PDF) under “Content”
  • Under the “Action” set the default action as “Preview in Firefox”
NOTE: Setting up the default action in Firefox will allow any PDF file to be previewed within Firefox (Provided that the PDF has a preview option)

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