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Why does the image I posted in chatter reverted to Landscape orientation even after I edited the image and set it to Portrait?

Knowledge Article Number 000199065
Description I have a photo that is originally taken in Landscape format and edited it to a portrait format before I upload it in Chatter. But when I upload the photo it reverts back to Landscape or Upside down. This happens when Chatter detects the original orientation of the image. 

Click path of how I uploaded the photo: Chatter | Feed | Attach File | Upload a File from your Computer
Resolution These are the steps on resolving the issue:

1. Open the image on Paint/Paintbrush
2. Edit image to desired orientation (Landscape or Portrait) by rotating the image
3. Select the whole image (Ctrl + A in Windows or CMD + A in Mac)
4. Copy (Ctrl + C in Windows or CMD + C in Mac)
5. Open a new paint (Ctrl + N in Windows or CMD + N in Mac)
***Note: If prompted to save the original message, select DO NOT SAVE***
6. On the new paint document Paste the image ( Ctrl + V in Windows or CMD + V in Mac)
7. Save image As JPEG.
8. Post the photo to Chatter


Above resolution applies to pictures uploaded to Rich Text Field. 

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