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How can I insert/update Opportunity Line Item Schedule?

Knowledge Article Number 000199075
Description I would like to know how to mass insert and update Opportunity Line Item Schedule.

Importing Opportunity Line Item Schedule

1. Get the ID of the Opportunity Line Item where scheduling will get inserted either by:

     A. Export the Opportunity Line Item to get the ID.

1. Open Data Loader
2. Select Export
3. Show All Salesforce objects
4. Select Opportunity Product (OpportunityLineItem)
5. Enter target for extraction
6. Click Next
7. From the Query Fields Table select Id

Note: Add filters to distinguish Opportunity Line Items since Opportunity Line Item Name is not included in the query fields

8. Click Finish

     B. Checking the Opportunity Line Item ID in the url bar of your browser

2. Prepare the .CSV file with the following column headers:

1. Description (Comment) *optional
2. OpportunityLineItemId
3. Quantity
4. Revenue
5. ScheduleDate
6. Type (Revenue, Quantity or Both)

3. Mass insert new schedules for Opportunity Line Items

1. Open Data Loader
2. Click Insert
3. Show all Salesforce Objects
4. Line Item Schedule (OpportunityLineItemSchedule)
5. Choose the .CSV file
6. Click OK
7. Create or edit map
8. Match fields
9. Click Ok
10. Click Next
11. Click Finish           

For Updating existing Opportunity Line Item Schedule, export from Line Item Schedule (OpportunityLineItemSchedule) by:

1. Select Export
2. Show All Salesforce objects
3. Select Line Item Schedule (OpportunityLineItemSchedule)
4. Enter target for extraction
5. Click Next
6. From the Query Fields Table Select OpportunityLineItemId, Id and the fields to be updated
7. Click Finish

Update the extracted .CSV file and follow step 3 but selecting Update from #2 of Step 3.

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