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Why suggestSearchQueries REST API call returns no data?

Knowledge Article Number 000199104
Description I am testing suggestSearchQueries REST API call which is described in the following API document, but when I test it, it returns nothing and never work even if I have Knowledge feature in my org? How can I make this work?
This API is related to "Auto-complete keyword search" Salesforce Knowledge feature. Basically, this feature suggests the three most popular keyword searches performed on the Knowledge tab in the UI. 

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To use this feature, you should enable it first in Knowledge Settings (Setup | Customize | Knowledge | Settings). For the details about this setup, please refer to the following online document.
How does this feature work? Salesforce uses a formula to calculate the query suggestions. This formula takes into account the number of times a query is executed, whether there are any results returned for the query (Salesforce will not show suggestions for queries which returns 0 result), and the number of clicks on search results for a given search query.
Salesforce calculates these numbers together once a day during off peak ours, so it can take up to 24 hours for a query suggestion to show up.
For testing purposes, you can execute a query that returns results more than 20 times in a day, and expect that query to show up as a suggestion the next day.
Once this works in Knowledge tab in the UI, then it will work through "suggestSearchQueries" REST API call as described in the REST API doc.

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