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How to Enable the Channel Order App for Non-Admin Users

Knowledge Article Number 000199107
To make the Channel Order App accessible to users without admin permissions, modify the custom profile for those users. You must have admin access to modify profiles. The modifications required to access the Channel Order App can only be made to a custom profile.
  1. From Setup, click Manage Users | Profiles and find the custom profile you want to modify.
  2. Click the profile name. On the Profile Detail page, click Edit.
  3. Under Custom App Settings, find Partner Order and select the checkbox in the Visible column.
  4. Under Custom Tab Settings, set the Partner Order custom tabs as follows:
    • Customers: Default On
    • Orders: Default On
    • Partner Contract Terms: Default On
    • Partner Product Catalog: Default On
    • Service Order Credentials: Tab Hidden
    • Service Order Detail: Tab Hidden
    • Service Orders: Tab Hidden
  5. Under Custom Object Permissions, set the following access options:
    • Customers: Read, Create, and Edit
    • Partner Contract Terms: Read
    • Partner Product Catalog: Read
    • Service Orders: Read, Create, and Edit
    • Service Order Detail: Read, Create, and Edit
  6. Click Save.
  7. Back on the Profile Detail page, scroll down to Enable Apex Class Access and click Edit.
  8. On the Enable Apex Class Access page, select all the classes under Available Apex Classes that begin with “CHANNEL_ORDERS” and click Add to move them to Enabled Apex Classes. Click Save.
  9. On the Profile Detail page, scroll to Enable Visualforce Page Access and click Edit.
  10. On the Enable Visualforce Page Access page, select all the pages under Available Visualforce Pages that begin with “CHANNEL_ORDERS” and click Add to move them to Enabled Visualforce Pages. Click Save.
  11. Back on the Profile Detail page, scroll to the Field-Level Security: Custom Field-Level Security section and complete the steps below for each of the following items:
    • Customer
    • Partner Contract Terms
    • Partner Product Catalog
    • Service Order
    • Service Order Details
    1. Click View to open the field list.
    2. Click Edit.
    3. Select all checkboxes in the Visible column. Leave the Read-Only column as is.
    4. Click Save.
    5. Click Back to Profile. (Repeat for the next object.)

After these steps are complete, users with the profile should be able to access the Channel Order App.


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