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End User receiving Error running IVR query-An internal server error has occurred while processing your request in CTI

Knowledge Article Number 000199111
The CTI 3x/4x adapter logs show following SOSL query error:
Error running IVR query: An internal server error has occurred while processing your request.
In the CTI adapter toolkit class search function, for example, IVR query calls Query function 
pQueryResults = m_pSession->Query(bQuery,VARIANT_FALSE); 
And the ANI query calls Search function 
pQueryResults = m_pSession->Search(bSearch,VARIANT_FALSE); 
So it is possible in the above error, the CTI adapter code is processing incorrect function, and thus causing the internal server error. 
To resolve customer should contact the CTI integrator (or vendor who provided the CTI integration) and advise on above potential root cause and have them fix it in their adapter code.

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