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Why are the merge fields coming up as blank when I generate a mail merge document for person accounts?

Knowledge Article Number 000199112
Description When generating a mail merge document, template is received but the merge fields are not populating as expected. This is because the API name being referenced on the mail merge template is incorrect. All the field labels are inserted but the document that is received still doesn't show the data, and displays as a series of underscores.

Person account's prominent fields are

A simple method to find the correct API names is given as resolution. Once API names are correctly entered in mail merge template there will no blank or series of underscores
Resolution Use this URL:
Note: The word 'ins' in the URL must be replaced by your instance

Example - If you are doing mail merge for a lead record and the URL for any record is

Then 'ins' will be replaced by na4 which is the instance in this case
Record ID (in this example - a066000000SAMPLE) should be appended at the end of the URL

This will list all the API names of the field that are visible in the layout

This is the best practice when creating mail merge templates to ensure that the correct field labels are used, and merge fields to not show up as blank or series of underscores

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