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What does 'SenderType' parameter mean while creating email alerts in flow?

Knowledge Article Number 000199162
Description Workflow email alerts are configured in Salesforce, and they already have a set email template, list of recipients, and sender type.
With the Send Email element, you need to provide the subject, body, list of recipients, and sender type for the email

Steps to reproduce:
  • From Setup, click Create > Workflow & Approvals > Flows, and open a new or existing flow
  • In the Palette, find the email element that you want to call
  1. To call a workflow email alert, click and select EMAIL ALERTS. Optionally, type three or more letters to search for a specific email alert
  2. To customize an email in the flow, type Send next to
  • Drag the email element that you want onto the canvas, and fill in the general settings and input parameters
Resolution Sender Type is the email used as the sender's from and Reply-To addresses. The following values are valid:
  • CurrentUser —the email address of the person updating the record. This is the default setting.
  • DefaultWorkflowUser —the email address of the default workflow user.
  • OrgWideEmailAddress —a verified global email address for your organization, such as
Note: If you would like to use OrgWideEmailAddress, create an email alert using the organization-wide address as described in

Then, in the Flow Designer, you can add the email alert to your flow.

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