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Percentages Do Not Add Up to 100% on Dashboards or in Summary Formulas on Reports

Knowledge Article Number 000199190
Sometimes you may notice that when referencing "Counts" or "SUMs" in a Custom Summary formula on Reports, your calculations are not correct or maybe your percentages are not adding up to 100%.  This occurs when you have a Report Type with more than one Object and you have a grouping you are trying to total or "count", rather than trying to reference the Record Count.  The Report Functionality does not currently provide us with that count.  For example:
I am running a Report on Accounts and Contacts (more than one object). I am grouping my Contacts by Account Name, and I want to get a total number of Accounts for whatever reason (simple total, for use in a calculation or Custom Summary Formula).  I will not be able to reference the Record Count for that total.  

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"The Power of One"

The way to do this easily is to create a Formula Field (Number with zero decimal places) on the Account Object that is equal to "1" in the text box portion of the formula.  In doing this, you will have a summarizable Field that you can use for the count on the Report.

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