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Received "Internal Server Error" or "Data Not Available" when editing a Page Layout

Knowledge Article Number 000199206
Description This error message appears when clicking the "Edit" link next to a Page Layout. If the occurrence seems sudden, is reproducible, and there have been no recent changes made to the environment, it's worth reviewing the troubleshooting steps below. 
Resolution Clear your Web Browser Cache and Cookies

Issues with your browser can cause web pages to perform abnormally when the Cache and Cookies are due for a refresh. Try troubleshooting browser issues for either your Mac and PC computer, which includes instructions on how to clear your Cache and Cookies

Try replicating the error in the old Page Layout

      1. From Setup, click Customize | User Interface. 
      2. Uncheck the box for "Enable Enhanced Page Layout Editor."
      3. Edit the Page Layout (This may resolve the issue)

Check your Managed Package
  • Managed Packages have many hidden integration and dependencies, so the expiration of these packages can cause unexpected problems.
  • Be sure your Managed Packages are in an "active" status. You can do this by reviewing your expired packages and determining if they are still needed. If so, have a System Administrator should contact the package's provider and have the license extended so that it's back in an "Active" state. Otherwise, it should be uninstalled.
  • ​Ensure the User making the edits has a license to the Package. If you aren't sure how to check your own licenses, please ask your current Organization System Administrator

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