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Enabling Middle Name and Suffix Fields (or “Allow Customizable Person Names”)

Knowledge Article Number 000199209
Description Available in:  All Editions

In Spring ‘14, we added middle name and suffix fields as a beta feature. In Spring ‘15, we’ve enhanced this feature and made generally available.
Better represent the name of a person associated with a record by adding Middle Name and Suffix fields in person objects. Using these fields also helps to avoid confusion when two records have the same first and last names.

The Middle Name and Suffix fields are available for the following person objects: Contact, Lead, Person Account, and User.
Resolution To have Support activate the “Allow Customizable Person Names” feature, please take the following steps:
1- Verify that the Organization where you want the feature to be enabled is on an edition where the feature is available.

2- Have a System Administrator to log a Case with Salesforce Support

3- Please mark as "feature activation" on the General Application Area

On the case description, please specify:
  • Feature requested: Allow Customizable Person Names
  • Organization ID where you want the feature to be enabled (Navigate to Setup > Company Profile > Company Information):
  • I am the system admin in charge of this feature.
  • Organization Edition:

4- Our Support Team will review the Case and action the request as needed.

After Customer Support has activated the feature you will need to perform the following:
1. Click Setup > Customize > User Interface.
2. In the Name Settings section, select Enable Middle Names for Person Names and Enable Name Suffixes for Person Names.
3. Click Save.
The values of the Middle Name and Suffix fields appear in most places where a person’s full name is displayed with the following exceptions.

• Activities, including new events, new tasks, and shared activity lookup search results
• Calendar, including meeting invitations and the Scheduled Meetings section on the Home tab
• Campaigns, including Campaign Member lists
• Chatter
• Cloud Scheduler
• records
• Forecasts, including the Collaborative Forecasting page
• Opportunities, including opportunity stage history, the Opportunity Sharing Detail page, and the Opportunity Split Edit page
• Price Books, including price book history
Middle Name and Suffix Fields Available for Person Objects

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