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Email-Based Identity Confirmation is missing from Custom Profiles | General User Permission

Knowledge Article Number 000199215
Learn why Email-Based Identity Confirmation may be missing from Custom Profiles, under General User Permission.

"Enable the SMS method of identity confirmation" disabled? The 5-digit verification code will be sent via email by default, each time a user tries to log in from an unauthenticated IP address. 

How to verify the permission is missing

If "Enable the SMS method of identity confirmation" is disabled,


  • Salesforce Classic UI: Setup | Security Controls | Session Settings. 
  • New Lighting UI: Click on top-right Gear | Setup Home | Security | Session Settings.

the "Email-Based Identity Confirmation" will be missing from the System Permissions profile level.

  • Salesforce Classic UI: 

1. Go to Setup | Manage Users | Profiles
2. Click on the Custom Profile.
3. Click Edit.
4. Under "General User Permission," "Email-Based Identity Confirmation" will be missing.

  • New Lighting UI:
1. Click on top right Gear | Setup Home | Users | Profiles. 
2. Click Edit
3. Under "General User Permission," "Email-Based Identity Confirmation" will be missing.

"Enable the SMS method of identity confirmation" enabled? Review our documentation, "Verification code sent via email and/or SMS."


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