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Unable to locate the attachments under added Email

Knowledge Article Number 000199222

Users are unable to add attachments with associated emails via Salesforce for Outlook (Add Email or the Side Panel) or the Email to Salesforce under Email in Activity History section.

Also they may see name of the attachment present however,  the link to view the attachment is missing

1) Unable to save attachments with emails
2) Attachment name is visible on the added email but the actual attachment is missing from the page.
This issue could be related to either or both of these

1) Saving attachments is not enabled under user's personal settings

2) Attachment field is missing from the Task page Layout


To address this issue follow the following steps:

1- You need to make sure that saving attachment is enabled under your personal settings.  To do this

Depending on your organization these steps may be different.
1- Log-in to Salesforce and choose one of the following
For non-Enhanced Setup Menu:
   - Click on your Name | Setup
   - Under Personal Setup expand Email | My Email to Salesforce

For Enhanced Setup Menu:
     - Click on your Name | My Setup
Under My Settings click on Email | My Email to Salesforce

2- Make sure the box for "Always save email attachments" is checked, if not check it and click on Save

User-added image

3- Try to associate (attached) an email with an attachment and then log-in to Salesforce again and locate the record you added the email to (or unresolved item queue) and click on the Activity History link on top and look for the attachment near bottom of the page

User-added image

4)If the Attachments section is missing from the Email, you need to add it to the Tasks page layout.

a) Go to the Salesforce Setup menu and under Customize click on Activities | Task Page Layout

b) Click on Edit under the Action next to the Page layout

c) Click on Related Lists and on the right hand side you should the Attachments field

d) Drag and drop it to the Related list section on the page and save it


User-added image

Check the email you have previously associated and you should be able to see the attachment

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