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Salesforce for Outlook "Send and Add" and "Add email" button not available after Summer '14 release

Knowledge Article Number 000199239

Enhancements to the Salesforce for Outlook side panel mean that if the Side Panel is activated in your Outlook Configuration in your Organization the "Send and Add" and "Add Email" buttons that utilize Email to Salesforce will no longer be visible in the Outlook ribbon.  

This will be seen in Organizations that have the Side Panel enabled in Setup as well as Salesforce Team, Group and Contact manager Editions where it is activated by default (Starting Summer 14)


With the availability of Publisher actions in the side panel, records of different object types can be created directly from Outlook and emails can be added to the records without the need of going into Salesforce and the unresolved items.  

This applies to adding existing emails to Salesforce and when composing, forwarding and replying to emails.

The functionality of the Add Email button can still be used with Email to Salesforce :
1. When composing, replying or forwarding an email in the BCC field enter your email to salesforce address which can be found
Non-Enhanced Setup Menu:
     Setup | Personal Setup | Email | My Email to Salesforce 
Enhanced Setup Menu:
     Your Name | My Settings | Email | My Email to Salesforce 

2.You can also add existing emails from Outlook to Salesforce by composing an email addressed to your "Email to Salesforce" address and attaching the email you want to be added to Salesforce to the email and sending it.  

Here is an example of the Email to Salesforce Address

User-added image
If you decide to use the Email to Salesforce functionality frequently for ease of use create a contact in your Outlook address book that has your email to Salesforce address and simply use that contact instead of typing or copy/pasting the long Email to Salesforce address

This can be done by:
  • Navigate to your contact folder in Outlook
  • Click on “Create a new Contact”
  • Enter “Salesforce BCC address” as first name (This can be named anything)
  • Enter “My Email to Salesforce” address in Email field.
  • Click Save & Close.

You can find additional information on Email to Salesforce in our Help and Training HERE


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