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IMAP and POP3 email servers are not supported - Salesforce for Outlook

Knowledge Article Number 000199252
Starting in Summer '14, Salesforce for Outlook (SFO) clients v2.5 and above enforces existing system requirements, available at:
As such, Salesforce for Outlook only functions with an Exchange server environment, and an error message otherwise comes up during the installation and initial configuration steps of SFO indicating that either an IMAP or a POP3 server have been detected.  For example this is noted using the Settings Wizard where you would see the notification "Salesforce for Outlook has determined that you're not connected to a Microsoft Exchange Server".
While IMAP and POP3 email servers have never been supported, there have been reports that accessing such servers has worked in an inconsistent manner over time with possible undesired data behavior. This is why SFO should not be used on unsupported environments.
Salesforce for Outlook integrates with all Exchange server provider solutions such as Office 365 and more.
Also, partner solutions that officially integrate Microsoft Outlook with IMAP and POP3 email servers can be found on the Salesforce AppExchange here

There is an idea on the Success community about IMAP and POP3 support in Salesforce for Outlook

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