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Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Keyword Matching

Knowledge Article Number 000199258
Description How are keywords matched to posts that appear in my Topic Profile results?

Radian6 matches keywords to posts on an exact match but it is not case sensitive. The keyword helmet matches on Helmet but not helmetsBe sure to include any variations of a keyword that you want to see in your Topic Profile results. You can use boolean logic to include or exclude posts from your Topic Profile results. For example, assume the following posts are captured by Radian6:

Post 1:  Fell off my bicycle last night in a bike accident. I guess its time to get a bicycle helmet.
Post 2:  At a bicycle store to get my new helmet. 
Post 3:  Hey everyone! Look at my new helmet.
Post 4: Awesome helmet but terrible bicycle shoes.
Post 5Time for a new bicycle.

Even though all five posts were captured by Radian6, only certain posts will appear in your Topic Profile results based on your keyword configuration. The following table provides examples of keyword phrases that you might enter into your configuration and the posts they will pull into your Topic Profile results.

Keyword phrasePost
"bicycle helmet"1 only
"bicycle" AND "helmet1, 2, 4
"bicycle" AND "helmet" NOT "shoes"1, 2
"bicycle" OR "helmet"1, 2 ,3 ,4, 5
"bicycle" AND ("shoes" OR "time")1, 4, 5


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