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URL to Locate Record Field Names For Mail Merge

Knowledge Article Number 000199283
Description How to quickly view the Field Names for mail merge fields when creating a mail merge template.
Resolution If you are looking for the proper field names for a mail merge template on a specific record you can utilize the following URL to view an XML file that contains this information:

https://<org domain><RecordID>
  • Replace "<org domain>" with your Org instance. For e.g. na1, na2, (if you have enabled My Domain) etc.
  • Replace "<RecordID>" with the ID of the record you wish to view the field names on.

Then copy and paste this url into the address bar of your preferred web browser. This will give you a list of all fields available on that record with their Field Names within Double Quotes.  Custom fields will not be visible when using the URL in this article if the custom field doesn't have a value on the record level.

Below is an example of what you would see when you follow the above instructions:

<data fieldName="ACCOUNT_NAME">Company Name</data>
<data fieldName="ACCOUNT_TYPE"/>
<data fieldName="ACCOUNT_RECORDTYPE">Record Type Name</data>
<data fieldName="ACCOUNT_RECORDTYPE_ID">012F0000000rKfe</data>
<data fieldName="ACCOUNT_PARENT">ABC Labs</data>
<data fieldName="ACCOUNT_PARENT_ID">001F0000011vBEx</data>

In this example if you were looking to create a mail merge field for the account name, you would create a field within Microsoft Word and include the following: 


After adding the field it would then read as «ACCOUNT_NAME» on your document.

IMPORTANT: Please note that when using this URL, it will only show the field name to be used for mail merge but you still need to go through the process of adding the merge field itself in a word document. In word, just navigate to Insert > Quick Parts > Field, select Merge Field and paste the field name from the URL in this article.

For more information on modifying existing mail merge templates, please Click Here.

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