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"Unable to Process Request Error accessing Content Delivery. This file has been deleted, doesn't exist, or can't be previewed" error when I view the Content Delivery Link

Knowledge Article Number 000199286
The hyperlink doesn't follow all the way through the string when copied into an email instead, it truncates at the "=" sign. 

See example: 
I've sent you a presentation that you can view online by clicking on the following link: 

All the text after https:// is hyper linked with the exception of the "=" sign at the very end.

And when the viewer tries to click the content delivery URL an error shows up:

          "Unable to Process Request  Error accessing Content Delivery 
          This file has been deleted, doesn't exist, or can't be previewed"

The link of Content Delivery and Share Files via Link ends in equals sign. This happens when pasting the link into a Word and or Outlook. After pasting it, the "equals sign" at the end of the URL is not hyperlinked and thus, the recipient of the link gets an incomplete link that directs to a page that doesn't exist. 

When pasting the link into Outlook, please do the following: 

1. Go to the body of the Email. 
2. Click 'Insert' on the top or on the Menu Bar. Alternatively, right-click in the body of the email. 
3. Click 'Hyperlink'. 
4. Paste the link of the file on the address bar. 
5. Click OK. 

Note: Make sure that the Message Format of the mail is HTML otherwise if it's in Plain Text the URL will not appear hyperlinked at all.

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