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How to stop receiving the notification to update Salesforce For Outlook (SFO)

Knowledge Article Number 000199309

This notification to update Salesforce for outlook shows up in the Side Panel as well as on the SFO system tray icon at the bottom corner of the screen

If users do not want to see this notification, they have to refer to their Salesforce administrator and ask them to disable this for them

This change will affect all users and if you need to apply this for a single user, Salesforce administrator must clone the Outlook configuration and only add the user(s) who do(es) not want to receive this notification to it
The resolution step to disable notifications are : {Except for Group and contact editions}

One way to stop the notification is to check the box in the Side Panel to hide the notification

1) Login to your Salesforce organization

2) From Setup search on "Outlook Configurations"

3) Select the appropriate Outlook configuration for the assigned user(s) and click on EDIT

4) Uncheck the box for "Upgrade Notifications for Users" and click on save.
5) Exit and restart SFO
After implementing the above steps, ALL users in that Outlook configuration will stop receiving the update notifications in the Side Panel and Salesforce for Outlook system tray Icon.



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