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How can I import/insert Contract End Date using Data Loader?

Knowledge Article Number 000199331
Description  I am trying to insert Contract End Date but the field is not available when mapping fields via the Data Loader.

It is working by design that Contract End Date doesn’t show in Create or Edit a Map option in Data Loader. This is not editable therefore, instead of using Contract End Date; make sure that a column of Contract Term from your CSV import file is available. Once the Contract Term is inserted / imported, Contract End Date will auto-calculate based on Contract Start Date and Contract Term. In addition, it will also automatically show on the Contract page.

1.     Login to Data Loader

2.     Click Insert

3.     Check on Show all objects

4.     Choose Contract

5.     Click Create or Edit a Map

6.     Map Contract Term, click OK and Next

7.     Click Browse... to select the directory where the success and error files should be saved, then click "Finish".

8.     When a pop appears asking you to proceed, click Yes.

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