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Service Console "Shift + S" Keyboard Shortcut Does Not Work

Knowledge Article Number 000199333

After an administrator enables keyboard shortcuts for Salesforce Console, the Default Keyboard Shortcut (SHIFT+S) may appear to be non-functional.  The Description of this "Selects details on a tab" action simply states that it is intended to "Go to field on tab."  However, when a user invokes it, there appears to be no effect.

Resolution This is likely a misinterpreted use case.  This keyboard shortcut is designed to be used when on an Edit screen and return a user to the field where the cursor was last used.

1. Visit an Edit page while in console.
2. Press Esc, to enter keyboard shortcuts mode on the console.
3. Press Shift+S and the focus will return to 
the field where the cursor was last used.

Note:  You must remain on the Edit page for the shortcut to work.  If you open another tab and the focus is no longer on the Edit page, the shortcut will not function.

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