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How to open an embedded standard VF page links in parent window

Knowledge Article Number 000199357
If a VF page is embedded in iFrame.  clicking on any link in the VF page will open the link in iframe boundary since it is display restricted to current frame 
For example:
Apex/VF page is like:
<apex:ListViews type="Case"/>
This VF page is embedded in a VF homepage component.
In that scenario, clicking the link will open the case with in the iframe boundary.
Resolution The VF page can be modified as:
<apex:ListViews type="Case"/>
<base target="_parent" />

HTML base tag specifies a default target for all links on a page. Hence, the target of the links which are in iframe also change to parent window.

If there are anchor tags which should open a page in new window, they will also be changed to parent window, unless otherwise specified using target attribute for any component.

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