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How can I prepare my existing sandboxes for my production migration to the Government Cloud?

Knowledge Article Number 000199363
Salesforce does not migrate sandbox organizations between instances when the production instance is migrated. 
For Government Cloud customers, any existing sandboxes connected with your production organization will continue to exist on the sandbox instance where it resides before the migration. These non-migrated sandboxes will remain active, and you will continue to be able to access and use them.
Note: After migration, whenever you create a new sandbox or refresh an existing one, the new sandbox copies will automatically be directed to a Govt Cloud sandbox server.
If your Salesforce production organization will be migrated to the Government Cloud, you will have two choices:
1. If you no longer need any existing sandboxes, you can delete them yourself prior to migration. Once your org's migration is complete, you will be able to create a new sandbox org on the Government Cloud. 
Note: Because of the nature of the Govt Cloud, it is advisable to refresh these existing sandboxes onto the Govt Cloud, or delete them and create new ones on the Govt Cloud, as soon as possible after migration.

2. If you need to, you can continue to work with the non-migrated sandboxes after your production migration, with a few caveats:
- You will need to login to the non-migrated sandbox(es) via

- You will need to login to Government Cloud sandboxes via the sandbox version of your organization's My Domain.
- Change Set deployment via the Salesforce user interface may function where a deployment connection already exists between production and sandbox.

- Deployments with the IDE Tool, etc. should continue to work as expected.

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