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Unable to view all shared calendar events for a particular month

Knowledge Article Number 000199366
Description Some customers may observe that they are unable to view all shared calendar events for a particular month i.e., say they do not see any events from 07/21/14 - 08/02/14, but when you go to the next month (August), events between 07/27/2014 - 08/02/2014 now appear.Therefore the events between 07/21/2014 - 07/26/2014 are still missing and can only be viewed if we switch from Monthly View to either weekly or Daily view for that particular week or day.
Resolution The customer has basically reached a hard coded limit of only displaying 1000 events in a single monthly calendar view, we can find out the number of events for a particular month by running the following SOQL query using any API tool such as Workbench or Dataloader

SELECT count() FROM Event WHERE ActivityDate >= 2014-07-01 AND ActivityDate <= 2014-07-31 AND OwnerId = '023i0000001UPZr'

Where ActivityDate >= 2014-07-01 AND ActivityDate <= 2014-07-31 (duration of one month)
OwnerId = '023i0000001XXXx' (Where OwnerId will be the Public Calendar ID)

Steps To Reproduce:

- Create more than 1000 events in a single calendar view
- Attempt to View the events using the Monthly View

Workaround - 

- You can either switch to the Weekly View or the Single Day View to view the events.

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