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Region classification for sources and posts in Social Studio

Knowledge Article Number 000199367
Description You can see the region classification for sources and posts that match your Topic Profile configuration under "Top Countries" in a Social Listening Summary Dashboard in Analyze.

Region classification for sources

A source's region, with the exception of Twitter, is classified at the feed level. All posts on the same feed have the same region classification. The region is primarily classified by the site's top level domain. For example, a site that ends in .ca is classified as Canada. The language and IP address of the feed may also be used in circumstances where the top level domain does not indicate a specific region (for example, .com, .org, or .net). The IP address references the country where the server or site is registered. This frequently results in the United States or an Unknown region. If there is no definitive location information available, in some instances sources in a language that is closely associated with a country (such as Dutch to the Netherlands) are assigned to that country.
Posts ingested after June 2014 where no region can be identified are classified as an Unknown region. 

Region classification for Tweets

Tweets are classified at the Tweet level. The regions for multiple Tweets from the same Twitter user can be different. In order of precedence, the region of a Tweet is determined using the following information:
1.Geographical coordinates
The geographical coordinates are provided when the user enables the Tweet location feature. The device used to Tweet, such as the mobile phone, controls which geographical coordinates are provided. Find more information in FAQs about the Tweet location feature and Adding your location to a Tweet.
2. Location listed in the user's profile
Users enter their location in a free form text box. Depending on the text entered, this information may be used to set their region. For example, "Canada" can be used to set a region, but "my hometown" cannot.
3. Time zone set by the user in their Twitter account settings.

Although Tweets are classified at the Tweet level, author-level data is still stored in the system. When the first Tweet from a Twitter Author is saved, the region of that Tweet is used as the default region for the Twitter Author moving forward.

Occasionally, the region data will be unavailable or ambiguous for a Tweet or Twitter Author. If a Tweet is ingested for an existing Twitter Author and the region information is unavailable or ambiguous for that particular Tweet, the Tweet will be classified using the default region for the Twitter Author. For any Tweets from new Twitter Authors with missing or ambiguous region data, the Tweet will be classified with the region 'Unknown'. Prior to June 2014, these Tweets were classified as 'United States' by default. 

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