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How to use multiple fonts while creating Email Templates

Knowledge Article Number 000199412
Description How to create HTML Email templates using multiple Fonts.
Resolution Follow the below steps to create an HTML template and reach to the Formatting Controls page:
  • Click Setup -> Administrative Set up-> Communication Templates | Email Templates.
  • Click Setup -> My Settings -> Email | My Templates
  1. Click New Template
  2. Select HTML (using LetterheadHow to create Letterhead, please refer to Creating Letterheads       
  3. Select the folder for saving the Template.
  4. Make it Available for use.
  5. Enter the name for Template and the unique name populates.
  6. Choose a Letterhead for the template.
  7. Select a Layout for the Template.
  8. Select the Encoding from the drop down.
  9. Enter any description for the Template and click Next
  10. Select the email body and, from the Fonts drop down under Formatting Controls choose the available fonts i.e. Arial, Verdana, Times, Courier. (Please noteOther than the above mentioned 4 fonts, if you need any other font, please paste the email Content in any Notepad document and pick the desired font from the Font drop down in the menu bar at top in the document.)
  11. After making the desired changes, paste the content in the email body in the Template in Salesforce.
  12. Enter a subject for email template and click next and save it.

For additional assistance with email templates please read Creating HTML Email Templates

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