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Determine which Salesforce User deleted a record

Knowledge Article Number 000199422
Are you a Salesforce Administrator and you want to determine who deleted a certain record? It's possible to determine who deleted a record by looking at the Recycle Bin or querying for deleted records via API. 

Check the Recycle Bin 

The "Deleted By" column will indicate which User deleted the record. If the record doesn't exists, you may still see the record via API before Salesforce permanently deletes the record.


Use the Data Loader

If the record doesn't exist in Recycle Bin, you'll need to log into Data Loader.
Use of the Data Loader requires your Organization to be API enabled (Enterprise Edition and above by default). See Enabling API for more details or the potential use of an alternative tool as outlined below for more details.

1.  In the Data Loader, click Export All.
2.  Select the Object and choose the target for export file. Click Next.
3.  Click Select all fields.
4.  Create filter "IsDeleted" = True.  Click Add Condition.
5.  Click Finish.
6.  Open .CSV file.
7.  Column "Last Modified By ID" is the User record ID that deleted the record.

For Professional Edition or below, you may be able to leverage a third-party tool such as to query for records that are no longer in the Recycle Bin.

1.  Log into
2.  Click New Task.
3.  Select "Export."
4.  Select "Object," and then click Next.
5.  Select "All Fields." Set Filter "Deleted" = True. 
6.  Click +Next.
7.  Expand "Advanced".  Set "Export All Records" = checked.
7.  Click Save and Run.
8.  Click on hyperlink (ie...# success) to download .CSV file.
9.  Open .CSV file.
10. Column "Last Modified By ID" is the user record ID that deleted record.

Note: limits exports to 10,000 records per query in batch mode so one may need to narrow down search at step 4.

Have questions about It's a 3rd party App by Mulesoft. For questions and support related to, please contact Mulesoft since Salesforce only provides direct support for Data Loader.

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