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An opportunity was won and there was no chatter post when there should have been

Knowledge Article Number 000199430
Some customers may observe that certain records do not contain chatter posts as a result of fields being tracked via feed tracking,

For Example:

- Let's say we have the standard field "Stage" being tracked via feed tracking on the Opportunity Object.
- Next, you upload certain records via DataLoader where the Stage field is set to Closed Won
- You then click on the "Show Feed" Icon above the Opportunity Details Page and you would notice a message saying that "there are no updates".
No Updates
This is actually working as designed as versions after DL 18 have the "DisableFeedTrackingHeader" set to true, this is something that cannot be configured via the Data Loader settings and the only option would be to either test this out using DL v.18 OR you can introduce the imports via a SOAP API 
You can refer to the following code snippet for more information: 
This was implemented so that imports would not cause a flood of chatter updates on records where feed owner would be the one who updated the records via the API. 
The reason for this behavior with DL not being documented is because Feed tracking is supported via the general API but not via DL since this is already configured where "DisableFeedTrackingHeader" set to true". 
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