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What happens to the login count when a user is changed from a full Platform license to a Platform Light license?

Knowledge Article Number 000199435
1. User X was Full Platform from July 1st to July 15th, and had logged in 30 times. 
2. User X is then switched from Full Platform to Light Platform on July 16th. 
Q: Do the 30 logins for User X, between July 1st and July 15th count against the light profile aggregate logins? Or do you have a way to recognize that these logins were associated with the full platform license? 
A: Each successful login authentication, we check the User License. If the License is a usage-based license, we will count against the allotted login amount. With that said, if they switch license types in the middle of the month, the logins that were made prior to switching to a usage-based license would not be counted against their allotment. 
Q: What method do you recommend to monitor the total aggregate light logins/month, considering a user can be moved off of that license mid-month? 
A:  You can see this in the org by going to Setup | Company Profile | Company Information and looking at the "Restricted Logins, Current Month" field.

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