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Why does my Custom Field or Overlay Forecast Type appear inactive in Setup, but active in the Metadata API?

Knowledge Article Number 000199440
In some organizations that participated in either the Overlay Splits Forecasts pilot or the Custom Field Forecasts pilot, these forecast types can appear disabled in Setup, but active in Metadata API output. 
This situation can arise if the organization participated in the pilot and then stopped using the feature and had the pilot permission disabled by Salesforce. 
If you want to make the status of these forecast types consistent in Setup and the Metadata API, choose one of these solutions.
  1. Delete the Overlay Splits and/or Custom Field forecast types in Setup.
  2. Set the Overlay Splits and/or Custom Field forecast types to inactive via the MDAPI.
  3. Contact Salesforce to re-enable the org-level permission for the Overlay Splits and Custom Field forecast types. Doing this will make them active again in Setup.
Note that when you delete a forecast type, all of its quota and adjustment data is also deleted.

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