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Territory List Views In Change Sets Do Not Work

Knowledge Article Number 000199461
Administrators sees "your upload failed" error message when uploading change sets that include All Territory List Views.  The error happens with the following test case:
1.  Setup -> Deploy -> Outbound Change Sets
2.  Click on “New” button.  Provide Change Set Name
3.  In “Change Set Components” section, click on “Add” button
4.  In Component Type, select “List View”.  select checkmark for “All” / AllTerritories.
5.  Click “Add to Change Set”
6.  Click on “Upload” button
7.  Select target org.  Click on “Upload”
8.  "Your upload failed" message appears
Resolution Adding "All Territory List View" is not supported at this time, but there's a bug that allows one to add this view to the change set.  To workaround the error, please remove All Territory List View from change set.  

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