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Why does my Turkish user not see some records when opening a report?

Knowledge Article Number 000199467
Description If a user with Turkish locale is getting zero records or cannot see some records on a Dashboard when s/he is the running user and also/if when running a report, and the report has a filter that include a lower i while s/he have full access to the records and another user with the same Profile and Role is seeing the data then this is due to the affected user's Locale.
Resolution Going to setup>my personal information>personal information, if you see that the user has either locale= Turkish or locale= Turkish(Turkey), you need to pay attention while filtering by i in a report.

i.e.: my accounts and opportunities report is trying to find all opportunities created against accounts that has the middle name "island", so I will create the filter "account Name contains island"
the user with the English locale is going to see all the accounts with that middle name despite if the initial is a capital or lower letter, while the user with the Turkish locale will see only the accounts where the middle name was saved with the lower initial.

this is the expected behavior because "I" and "İ" are different letters in Turkish while there is no difference in English and so in English do not make any difference between the two.

There are 3 Workarounds:

1) Create the filter using the capital I (in our example: "account Name contains Island")

2) Ask the user to use another locale.

3) Use the report logic contains and use the other letters of the name (in our example: "account Name contains sland")

As a reference below are instructions on how to change the locale, Understanding Language, Locale, and Currency
Go to Your Name | Setup | My Personal Information | Personal Information | Edit and select a locale from the supported locale drop-down list

Also please find some more information about the Turkish i on this article: Dotted and dotless I 

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