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Files Connect FAQ

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Description Common Files Connect Questions

Common Files Connect Questions and Answers

Does Files Connect support Communities?

Yes. Starting with Winter '16, Community licenses are supported.

Does Salesforce Lightning support all Files Connect features?

No. In the Winter '16 release, only File references previously created in the Aloha UI are available.

Does Files Connect leverage write access to its connected external systems?

Starting with the Winter '16 release, the Chatter REST API can be used to create and update external documents.
On Google Drive, even the sharing settings can be modified.
The Salesforce UI does not feature those write capabilities.

File download: why am I unable to download large files from my on-premises SharePoint?

The file size limit for downloads is 50 MB. This limitation is due to the Secure Agent. 

Starting with the Winter '16 release, The max file download limit is 2 GB for the on-prem agent.

I'm unable to configure Files Connect to point on a SharePoint Online (aka Office 365) public website or site. What could be the problem?


For SharePoint Online, Files Connect only supports Site Collections on version 2013. Version 2010 is not supported at all.

Is it possible to connect to as SharePoint Web Application (aka webapp)?

Yes, but a search engine must be available in order to connect.

I want to configure authentication to Sharepoint online. What are the supported protocols?

Only OAuth is supported.

I want to configure authentication to Sharepoint 2010 on-premises. What are the supported protocols?

Only Basic and NTLM are supported.


How can I check my SharePoint Online version?

The version can be checked using this URL: https://[OFFICE365_ADMIN_DOMAIN]/_layouts/15/online/SiteCollections.aspx


Only the SharePoint 2013 flavor of SharePoint online is supported.

I'm not able to see all files and folders when browsing my external SharePoint data source. Why?

In a Sharepoint site, only document libraries are supported. Other library types and lists are not supported.

Are there any search limitations on a SharePoint external data source?


  • Searching for “this is a phrase” will return any file containing “this” or “phrase” (SharePoint 2010 only).
  • Order by Name is not supported (SharePoint 2010 only).
  • Updated By criterion doesn't support the “=” operator.
  • Name criterion doesn't support the “=” operator

I'm unable to access a SharePoint 2010 data source from the Files tab or from the Chatter feed. Why?

Ask your SharePoint Administrator if anonymous access is enabled for the web application. If this is the case, it must be disabled so that the SharePoint data source can be accessed from Salesforce.

I want to set my external data source credentials, but I'm not able to access the external data source authentication settings page.

Ask your Salesforce Administrator to check that you have the system permission "View Setup and Configuration." It's necessary to have that permission in order to be able to access your External Authentication Settings.

If a document in SharePoint is moved, will the reference on salesforce still work?

Yes, if the document is moved in the same content library.

How and where does Salesforce store the Office365 OAuth tokens? Is there any encryption in place?

Oauth token and Oauth refresh token are stored in ENCRYPTEDTEXT columns on the salesforce database.

How does Salesforce handle token expiration, validation, and duration?

Expiration, validation, and duration are not handled in a specific way in Salesforce. When the token comes to expiration, the refresh token is used to get another one. When the refresh token comes to expire, the user will have to initiate the OAuth flow again.
Note: This isn't specific to Salesforce, but following OAuth 2.0.

If the Office365 password is changed, what needs to be done in Salesforce Chatter to pick up this change?

If the Office365 password is changed, delete the obsolete external datasource auth. settings, and provide the new credentials as described here:

Can the Office365 OAuth token be used to access resources other than those in Sharepoint Online, e.g. the user's Office365 mailbox?

No. The Files Connect external datasource only implements Office365 API calls that relate to accessing a SharePoint Online site collection and its contents.

How to access Files Connect in Salesforce and Salesforce1?

Files Connect external datasources can be accessed in the Files app.

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