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Using Email to Case with Gmail Email address

Knowledge Article Number 000199470
Description When using Email to Case with Gmail , The Auto Forwarding is set to “Email to case” routing address , then Google sends a verification code before it creates the Case in Salesforce. Gmail sends this Verification code from the email address or,  However the email is not received in Salesforce.
Resolution In order to verify it perform the following steps mentioned below:

         ·  Under Setup click Customize | Cases | Email to Case .
         ·  Click Edit next to that specific “Email2Case” Routing name under Routing Address.
         ·  Under “Email Settings” add to “Accept Email From” field.
         ·  Click save .
         ·  In Salesforce, go to Personal Setup | Email | My Email to Salesforce.
         · In the "My Acceptable Email Addresses" text area, add either and (if you're using a personal gmail account) or mail-noreply@<your domain> (if you're using Google Apps). 
         · On the same page, set "Email Associations" to "Always send them to My Unresolved Items"
         · In Gmail, resend the verification email.
         · Give it a minute or two and the verification email should be available in SalesForce under "Unresolved Items"
         · Be sure to restore your Email Associations settings to suit your needs.
The verification comes in Salesforce in the form of a Case and thus the Gmail email address is verified.

This completes the verification process and would allow you to create Cases through Gmail.

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