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How can I select a template for my Community?

Knowledge Article Number 000199496
Description Beginning in Winter '15, the Community Designer lets you create, brand, and publish a custom community site. You can choose from four templates to quickly start your site, and then easily style the pages to match your company’s branding

From Setup, click Communities > All Communities. You can access Community Designer by clicking the Community Designer link, which was previously named

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he Community Designer provides three templates that you can use to create self-service communities out of the box.
These templates are bundled with the Community Templates for Self-Service (Generally Available) feature available in Winter ’15.

Kokua is a visually rich, self-service template that presents users with Knowledge articles that are organized by data categories. Users can also submit cases to get help from agents.
Koa is a text-based, self-service template that’s optimized for mobile devices. It lets users search for and view articles by text categories and contact support if they can’t find what they’re looking for.
Napili is a powerful template for support communities that lets users post questions to the community, search for and view articles, and contact support agents by creating cases.

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