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Custom Orders Lookup field results in no "New" button on the Parent object's related list

Knowledge Article Number 000199540
Description When creating a lookup from one object to another, there is typically a New button available on the associated Related List. When creating a Lookup from the Orders object to another object, the New button is not available.
Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Create a custom object.
  2. Create a Look up Field on the custom object to order
  3. Add order in the related list of the customer object
  4. You can see that "New" Button is not available
Behavior on Account and Contract:
  1. Click on Standard Object (for example: Accounts)
  2. Add "Orders" in related list
  3. You can see that "New" button is available
Resolution This is a current limitation of Orders and is expected functionality. 

You can create a Hyperlink Formula as a workaround for this by following the instructions in the link below: 


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