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Summer '14: Stay-In-Touch requests expire

Knowledge Article Number 000199553
Description The "Request Update" in the Contact page sends an email that allows contacts to update their own info, but customers get an error message when they try to update their own contact info.

The error message happens even when the contact exists in the org, even if the email address is correct, and regardless of the email client used, 

Here is an example of the email sent by the "Request Update" button: 

User-added image

Clicking on the "Update Now" button, instead of opening the browser and allow the customer to update their own information, the browser displays an error message that might look like the following: 

Update Request error message on browser
From the Summer '14 release on, the stay-in-touch emails expire.

The change was introduced because of the difficulty in maintaining a high level of security with these emails, since the recipient of the "Request Update" email is not required to log into an org to update their information.

To address a potential security problem, beginning with the Summer '14, the stay-in-touch form now uses a 2-way encryption that expires after a 30-day period.
While we realize the new user experience is not ideal, we believe the increased security outweighs the inconvenience.

The wording in the online error message will be updated in a future release in order to make it more user-friendly.

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